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Prairie Wind

Prairie Wind
The Harvest Trilogy
Neil Young
Harvest Moon
Prairie Wind
Heart of Gold
At The Ryman
Old Ways
Four Strong Winds

September 27 2005

"The Red River stills flows through my home town rollin' and tumblin' on its way"
- It's A Dream. Neil Young 

Neil Young.  Prairie Wind 2005
Reprise Records WEA494942C 2005

Neil Young
Prairie Wind
Reprise WEA494942C
Produced by:
Neil Young & Ben Keith

Neil Young
: vocals, guitars, harmonica, organ
Ben Keith - Dobro, pedal steel, slide guitar
Spooner Oldham - piano,
Hammond B3 organ, Wurlitzer electric piano
Rick Rosas - bass
Karl Himmel - drums, percussion
Chad Cromwell - drums, percussion
Grant Boatwright - acoustic guitar,
backing vocals
Clinton Gregory - fiddle on "No Wonder"
Wayne Jackson - horns
Thomas McGinley - horns
Emmylou Harris - special guest vocalist
Pegi Young - backing vocals
Diana Dewitt - backing vocals
Anthony Crawford - backing vocals
Gary Pigg - backing vocals
Curtis Wright - backing vocals
Chuck Cochran - string arranger

Neil Young's Prairie Wind is a gentle-sounding, acoustic-based album that packs an emotional wallop. It  is being cast as the third in a trilogy of albums that started with Harvest in 1972 and continued with 1992's Harvest Moon. (Young denies this)

The spectre of death hangs over Prairie Wind, influenced no doubt by the diagnosis Young received around the time of its recording that he had a potentially deadly brain aneurysm.

Luckily for music fans, Young survived and now the album takes on more of a tale of survival than loss.

Really, Young does just about everything right on Prairie Wind.

The lyrics are simple and heartfelt. The music is melodic and emotional. Together, they are classic Young and are likely to make Prairie Wind one of his most loved albums.

Just as the title suggests, Prairie Wind has an open, airy feel about it. The other musicians -- Spooner Oldham on organ, Ben Keith on pedal steel guitar and Chad Cromwell on drums -- provide a strong, familiar backbone.

Many of the songs seem like farewell notes -- to loved ones, his father and even his guitar.

It wouldn't be much of a stretch to interpret Here For You as being sung from the perspective of someone who's already passed on. "Just close your eyes and I'll be there," Young sings.  On Far From Home, Young makes a rollicking request to be buried on the prairie, not far from home, where the buffalo used to roam. The final tune, When God Made Me, is more a hymn than a rock song. With the Fisk University Jubilee Singers in the background, and Young at the piano, the song tackles some of the eternal questions that face many even when death is not imminent. It may be one of the most beautiful things Neil Young has ever written.


All songs written and
composed by Neil Young
and 2005 Silver Fiddle Music

Emmylou, Heil, Pegi [click for larger image]

in Manitoba, Canada
the best "Little Town"
on the Prairie! name
checked  in the
song  Prairie Wind

these are the places
where the musician lived
the years where ideas grow

"trademarks", a sea of grass
wind and fire, saving it.
a page from our
Prairie Dog Guide website

The Cree called it
Miscousipi, Red Water River,
and warned early settlers
of its hidden capacity for
destruction.The river flooded
in 1826, forcing the complete
evacuation of the 10-year-old
Red River colony But most
settlers refused to give up.
Winnipeg, the city they built
on the Red River’s banks,
has braved disaster again
and again – in 1950, 1966,
1979, and again, dramatically,
in 1997 and once more, to a
lesser degree in 2005.

Neil spent his childhood
in this city. listen to the
song It's A Dream

this album is also available
in 200 gram vinyl 2 record
format from here and as
a special edition CD/DVD

prairie wind is
all rights reserved